Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hot Springs Hiatus

Just back from a road trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas... a beautiful trip, with miles and miles of forest and clear, rushing streams. However, two reminders to self for future cross-country sight-seeing trips: first, roads described as scenic, that cross large, blank areas on the map are NOT, I repeat NOT, going to be straight shortcuts. Second, when deciding to make a little side trip, it's probably best to use a regular size map to judge how far out of your way your going to be going, and not rely on a small road atlas. I knew we were in trouble on our back-country shortcut, when we started hearing banjo music.

Hey now, I LIKE bluegrass banjo.


Glad you made it back!
Jenn... the banjo music wasn't too bad, but having to honk our horn to get the dog to wake up and get off the road was a little trying.
I hope it wasn't the theme music from "Deliverance"

Kim... well, we did roll up the car windows and locked the doors, just in case.

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