Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cypripedium Parviflora

Seems like we could use some sunshine on a gloomy day; here's a picture of yellow ladyslippers blooming in our garden on a sunny day this last May. Posted by Picasa

I'm drooling! I have only seen the pink ones, which covers hillsides along the North Country Trail/ Manastee River Trail loop in lower Michigan. Those are spectacular!

BTW, Thanks for solving my snow mystery!
The yellow ones are a LOT easier to grow. Our soil here is too alkaline for acaule, and our summers too hot and dry for Reginae.
We have a lot of this in our woods, but although I've been tempted, I haven't dared to transplant it closer to the house to enjoy, fearing I'd only succeed in killing it. I'll have to think carefully, but I haven't totally given up on trying. The pink ones I saw were growing in positively soggy places, which I don't really have here on my sandy hilltop.
Kati... the pink ones are VERY tricky to transplant; I agree with you.
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