Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Clouds On The Ground

On a dark day, with grey clouds racing overhead, so low they seem to almost brush the west ridge, it's a good day to walk through the damp woods, looking at cyclamens. A short while ago I posted pictures of a special silver-leafed cyclamen, called Nettleton Silver. Today I'm showing another hederifolium cultivar, Cyclamen 'Silver Cloud'. The so-called silver-leafed cyclamens have an overall silver wash, while pewter-leafed cyclamens still have a greenish edge, as shown below. The true silvers are quite striking and ghostly against the damp leaves. Posted by Picasa

Do you know who or where Nettleton is? I have a corydalis called 'Nettleton Pink'.
Kathy... it refers to Potterton Nursery in Nettleton, Lincolnshire. I only know this, because I read it on Paghat, the ratgirl's enormously informative website.

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