Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Wow, you do have quite a collection of toadlillies. Quite striking. They remind me of orchids. We only have the common one and a slight variant which have overtaken the shaded spot we planted them in. I noticed little plants all around the main plant so I guess the seeds must have germinated. Be interesting to see what the flowers look like. Thanks for sharing the photos.
ki...your babies will probably be pretty much identical, since you don't have a bunch of diffrent varieties in you garden. There has really been an explosion in the number of varieties available; I can remember when there was basically hirta and hirta variegata, with the latter being rather rare (of course I can also remember when I first started driving, gas was 35 cents a gallon, too).
Unfortunately you are prob. right about the babies being all the same. I haven't seen any new varieties here in NJ tho I haven't looked all that hard for them. I guess I should scout the nurseries now since they are in bloom.
You're a youngster then. I can remember gas being 25 cents or even less when they were having a gas war. And this was when we lived in Iowa City. Hey, we're not going to have a pissing contest now are we? ;)
These lilies are good. How old are your plants? I have just planted a few and wonder how long I will need to wait. Should they bloom next year?
Ki... well, actually I can remember 25 cent gas, but I think it was 35 cents when I started driving much.
Philip... your toadies should bloom next year; they take right off.

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