Friday, September 08, 2006

The Silver Spotted Skipper

The Silver Spotted Skipper is a lovely little thing, flitting (skipping) rapidly from flower to flower, it is a denizen of open woods, so is present in Big Grove meadow in generous numbers. It is characterized by gold patches on its forewings, and silver bands on the hindwings... as with all skippers, at rest it holds its wings folded upright. It is said to never land on yellow flowers, and that was certainly true on the day I took this picture... the meadow is filled with goldenrod, which held no interest for these skippers. Posted by Picasa

Now you're just showing off! That is another great butterfly. Good photo too. That meadow is doing very well on the biodiversity front, isn't it? We've got loads of thistles here, being Scotland and all. I'm going to have to keep a sharper eye on them. I never thought of them as magnets for great butterflies.
Back in the midwest, my butterfly list consisted of Monarch, Swallowtail and Cabbage white, but back then I wasn't looking very hard. Too busy with small children, work etc . . .
Peggy... Oh, thistles here are the very best for butterflies, as well as goldfinches and bumblebees!
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