Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Other Garden

Our flower garden has the sulks; you see, there's another garden in my life now... about a year ago we joined the Johnson County Heritage Trust, an organization devoted to obtaining, restoring, and then maintaining prairie and woodland habitat in our area. They recently acquired forty acres of woodland, with a meadow in the center, and I've been appointed the property manager. Like most of our habitat locally, it is badly degraded by exotic invasives; in the woodland portion mainly garlic mustard, autumn olive, multiflora rose, Oriental bittersweet, and bush honeysuckle, and in the meadow by alien grasses and Queen Anne's lace. The meadow looked quite unpromising at first, but like all meadow-prairie habitats, it has only come into its own in the late summer, and has turned out to be a veritable flower garden, filled with song birds like indigo buntings and various warblers, and alive with butterflies, like the cloudless sulphur, shown on a thistle. It is a lovely spot, and has captured my passion, so that I am spending much of my free time out there, working on restoration, rather than puttering in my own garden. Our backyard flower garden on the surface seems as lovely and serene as before, but I can sense the resentment. We must talk. Posted by Picasa

I hope you are able to work things out!
Perhaps a glass of compost tea would help smooth things over!
It's funny how it's easier to do things for others rather than doing the exact same things for ourselves at home! I have this same issue at times...

Billie =0)
Sissy... I went out in the rain today and made some new plant labels... seemed to help.

Billie... Yah, it's kind like being on vacation for us workaholics.

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