Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh, The Horror!

For you tender souls in warm climates, let me enlighten you: this is a picture of frost on our roof... on September 20th! Our normal first frost isn't until October 14th, but these aren't normal times; for some reason we've been visited by startlingly early frosts most years lately... where is this global warming when you need it? As I walked up the hill to get the paper, the sun was starting to light up a delphinium blue sky, and a flock of Canadian geese honked their way down the valley and glided onto the pond. Their seeming good cheer about the cold snap reminded me that this really is the most beautiful and enjoyable time of the year in Iowa... there will be bonfires in our firepit to gather around, cheering crowds and thumping marching bands at football games, and our woods will turn to fire with the changing of the leaves. It's a short party, but a good one. Posted by Picasa

I understand the heartbreak of early frosts. Up here they are combined with late spring frosts. Short growing seasons are a real challenge. Maybe some things will have escaped and will live just fine until the first good hard frost.

Take comfort that all the flies will now be stupid and easy to kill.
Oh no! I prepared for frost last night, but none came. Our average first frost up here is September 15th, so I've been ready for a week or so (at least mentally ready, not necessarily emotionally ready).
Aaack! Your weather in Iowa generally shows up in Indiana a few days later. Aaack! I'm not ready!!
Oh dear - makes me feel guilty. We're still in short sleeves ....
They said this was the earliest we'd had frost on this date in 70 years... I think these early frosts may be due to how dry our climate here is every year now... we've had well below normal rainfall almost every year for the last 10 years... kind of like the desert; warm days and cold nights. They say armadillos are showing up in Missouri now, and moving north. Maybe I'll be able to plant out my cactus collection??
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