Friday, September 22, 2006

Little Dragons

Another interesting aroid seed pod seen in our garden now, is that of Pinellia tripartita, sometimes called "little green dragon". In bloom it is a Jack in the pulpit look-alike, with small, green "Jacks". On the seed pod, you can see the remnant of the long spadix, or tail that was atop the flower. I don't know why this little plant isn't more widely planted in shade gardens; it is absolutely carefree, stays in bloom for a much longer time than Jack in the pulpits, and spreads fairly quickly (though not rampantly)... plus it is 3 stars on the cute index. I have this particular plant sited on the side of a ravine just above a grey boulder, right by some wooden steps going down to a bridge, so you can look up and see the little flowers from below, which is a nice effect. Posted by Picasa

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