Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's A Jungle Up There!

A couple of days ago, on September 20th when we had an unusually early frost, I stuck my head out the second story window right next to the computer early that morning, and snapped a couple of pictures of the frost on our roof, so I could post one in a long series of complaints about our weather. When I flashed the first picture up on the computer screen, I was chagrined to see a small, quite dead, mouse lying in the middle of the roof. Fortunately, I'd snapped a second picture at a different angle, that I could use for my posting, but that leaves the question of how a dead mouse came to rest in the middle of a fifteen foot high rooftop. You could theorize that he was crossing the roof and was beaned by a large hailstone, but we have been stormless for some time. An owl could have dropped him while flying overhead, but it would be a snap to have landed and retrieved the mouse. Let's see, what other nocturnal creature would deposit a dead mouse on a rooftop.... Posted by Picasa

cute innocent kitty.
How I wish we had an outdoor kitty to thin out the mice, voles, rabbits, and ground squirrels that are pestering my gardens! And yours is so pretty. I went to the animal shelter last week to look at the cats but the cat room was closed due to ringworm. Darn.--Kim
Well, P.J. is really not much of a hunter; she's kind of a little princess. Her idea of hunting is to go lay in front of the ground squirrel hole in the middle of the yard, and wait for him to pop out right in front of her, which for some reason he doesn't seem intertested in doing.
Ah, your mystery dead mouse reminds me of the mystery dead shrew I found last winter up in a grape vine, about 8 feet off the ground...
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