Thursday, September 07, 2006

Great Spangled Fritillary

What could be lovelier, wafting through a sunlit meadow, than the great spangled fritillary? Its caterpillar is inconspicuous, feeding on wild violet foliage only at night. This fritillary has silvery spots underneath the hind wing, and in the picture you can see that they reflect the purple color of the thistle flower. Posted by Picasa

Lucky old you! I never saw that butterfly in all my years in Iowa. It was lucky for US that you had the camera ready!

Peggy - having trouble commenting from my own profile
Peggy... I think there are about twenty varieties of butterflies in just this one meadow. I should have snapped some shots when the bergamot was blooming; it was like a butterfly farm then, with swallowtails fluttering everywhere.
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