Thursday, September 21, 2006

EEEK ! A Mouse Plant!

One of the pleasant little walks to take in the fall garden is to meander about, looking for odd little seed pods, and one of the oddest is on the mouse plant, Arisarum proboscideum. This retiring little plant is, of course a member of the aroid family, which also contains arisaemas (jack in the pulpits) and arums; thus the genus for the mouse plant is arisarum. The leaves die back in August, and the seed pods look like so many little figs scattered on the ground... very cute. In a few weeks, when the weather turns sharper, I'm going to gather some of these seeds and tuck them in here and there in the garden, and see if any more mice appear. Posted by Picasa

amazing. I've had blooms on my arisarum proboscidium, aka "mouse-butt plant", for years but never a seed pod. It usually goes dormant by mid summer.
Molly... As I understand it, the flowers smell like mushrooms (they are so small and low to the ground, that I've never tried to smell one) so they are fertilized by mushroom gnats. Perhaps you are more likely to get seed pods if your garden is in a wooded area like ours with lots of mushrooms about? Sounds good, anyway.
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