Friday, September 29, 2006

Buttercup Baby

Now, yellow flowers... daffodils for sure, daylilies, mums, and roses, too... but toad lilies? If you grow Tricyrtis ohsumiensis, no problem. It's a very different species; from Japan, with very waxy, thick leaves, and its flowers are held up and open, compared to other toadies, so you're looking them right in the eye (well, at least if you're down on your hands and knees, as it only grows eight inches high). The plant is so small, that I tend to forget about it until one day in late September (like today), I'm walking along and there it is in bloom... a nice autumn treat. Posted by Picasa

That is a familiar experience for me. I love the wild lilies. They are like jewels over here. So prescious but overlooked by many. See a few on my web site lilies
ericat... very nice flower pics. I am especially entranced by the feraria, as I have a few bulbs planted in a pot, which I thought had died, as they disappeared in June, and I thought this was supposed to be a summer bloomer. They started coming back up in late August, so I have hopes they will bloom in winter (I guess they meant southern hemisphere summer-blooming).

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