Sunday, September 17, 2006

Black Toad

A new plant to our garden this year is the toad lily clone, Tricyrtis nana Karasuba. It is no more than six inches high, with spotted yellow flowers, and will be a clump former. There are several commercially available clones of the species T. nana, selected for dark foliage, with fanciful names like "Raven's Back", or in this case "Karasuba", which apparently means "crow feather". My plant's foliage is, indeed, almost true black in the spring; I believe it's the darkest foliage in the garden. It only slowly fades to very dark green by the time it blooms. Posted by Picasa

That thing is too cool :)!
I think ALL toad lilies are cooler, but this one is, indeed, too cool!

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