Monday, September 25, 2006

Avoiding Flopdoodles

I dearly love all toad lilies, but our climate is not really a dream come true for them; broiling dry summers are certainly not their heart's desire. Because of this, I have to grow them in quite a bit of shade... some toad lilies are naturally a bit floppy; add dense shade and drought, and you've got yourself a regular flopdoodle. Fortunately, there are some toadies that manage to stay upright; especially some of the shorter hybrids... many of these have the naturally short species nana or flava in their background. Above is Lime Mound; 8 inches tall, with striking chartreuse foliage in the spring, fading to lime green by the time it flowers, and it flowers early enough to avoid the other fate of too many toad lilies before they get a chance to fully bloom here in the late fall: freezedoodle!Posted by Picasa

Blackswamp... wait 'til you see Tricyrtis Kohaku and Rasberry Mousse in upcoming posts.

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