Thursday, September 14, 2006

Autumn Leaves... Cyclamen

As autumn advances, the living thing that is our garden is close to its last chapter; the mums, and some oddments like colchicums are yet to bloom, but I now find myself looking more and more at foliage, so it's a good day to take a garden walk to look at the cyclamens. Their new foliage, seen against the browns and greys of the forest floor in fall, is always worth getting down on one's knees to ponder. There is a great deal of variation in the shape and pattern of their leaves, just hinted at in these few pictures. Above is cyclamen purpurascens. Posted by Picasa

Oh, how I wish cyclamens were hardy in zone 4a!
Tracy... 4a is a push, but I used to grow hederifolium with no trouble in 4b. If you planted them in a spot close to a house or something, I think you could grow them.
Outstanding collection of cyclamens...haven't seen many of these. Thanks for posting the pics.
I love cyclamen. I had one as a house plant for ages. I never thought to put it out in the garden. DUH!
Thanks Ki & Peggy. The indoor cyclamens aren't garden hardy... these in our garden are all hardier species, with smaller flowers.
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