Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ugly Is As Ugly Does... Hackelia Virginiana

I get along quite nicely with most weeds, figuring there should be a little room on the bus for all of us, but one woodland weed that I just have it in for, is Hackelia virginiana, the stickweed. It is just an ugly, hulking thing, sitting there like a malevolent spirit. It's flowers are negligible, it's leaves coarse and rough, and it's fruits... well they are a nasty bit of work. Just brush against stickweed in the fall, and huge clumps of its barbed fruits end up clinging tightly to you, and I'm always pulling them out of our cat's fur. In otherwords, Hackelia should not expect an invite to our Friday night barbeque and croquet party. Posted by Picasa

LOL! No BBQ? Poor weed!!

Billie =0)
Billie... this is one weed whose feelings I don't mind hurting. It will show up anyway, stuck to my clothes!
Thank you, thank you. I've been trying to find the name of this plant for over a year. Actually, I find the geometric patterns of the flower and seed structures interesting and originally thought they might have a place in my garden. But only until I realized how prolific this weed is, and how insistently the seeds stick to my clothes. Now I'm trying to eradicate it. Thanks for giving me the name.
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