Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Splendid Asarum

Asarum splendens is indeed a splendid asarum; very large, leathery leaves which are dark green, mottled silver, and two inch across flowers, which are dark purple, with a white center. It is a native of China, spreading by rhizomes into a thick clump. The taxonomists apparently want to change its name to Hexastylis splendens... if so, in their spare time they can just darn well make me up a new label. A number of Asian asarums in our garden have just suddenly disappeared; I swear they were there one day, and the next were nowhere to be found (I'm working on a theory about alien abduction of Asian asarums). This asarum, however, is a total survivor; tough, leathery, and lusty. If you are to have an Asian asarum in a tough climate like ours, start here. Posted by Picasa

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