Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sometimes Things Work Out

Let's say you're a baby box turtle that just hatched out of a clutch of eggs your mom laid on a hillside. You wander about; maybe you accidentally head uphill, away from the big pond where your mother lives, and you could just end up crawling about in the woods forever, or a sharp-eyed hawk might see you, or you could wander out on the road and get run over... or you could, by luck, stumble onto a goldfish pond in a garden on the hillside that overlooks the big pond; a garden whose owner just might float a branch in that goldfish pond so you could have a nice spot to soak in the warm morning sun every day. Sometimes things work out just right! Posted by Picasa

Wow! Where did you see the little box turtle?
he has, in fact, taken up residence in our goldfish pond. Every summer, big (some huge) box turtles crawl slowly up our hill from the big pond that fills the bottom of the valley, and they dig holes in the lawn to lay their eggs, which hatch out numerous quater-sized turtlets.
I am incredibly jealous!

Great photo.
I am SO envious! No turtles in Scotland. No snakes either.
It is neat seeing these big old box turtles lumber up the hill; it's always about Memorial Day at the end of May. They dig out their hole, lay the eggs, then when they cover up, they moisten the soil and smooth it down like va plasterer. They do such a good job, that after the damp spot dries, you can't ever tell where the hole was.
I hate to tell you this, but this isn't a box turtle, it is an aquatic turtle, possibly a red eared slider or similar species.

Box turtles are not aquatic although they like to soak in shallow water when availabl, they cannot swim.

Nice blog though!
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