Friday, August 11, 2006

Second Spring

As late summer settles on the garden, with cicadas thrumming in the treetops so that the very air seems to vibrate, and the sky turns milky with fine dust blown in from the short grass prairies to our west, it is a delight to come upon this little cyclamen blooming freshly like it's a brisk day in April... it's Cyclamen purpurascens, a native of Europe, and the only cyclamen grown here that is basically evergreen. It is as if we have been granted a second spring; a gift not to be taken lightly. Posted by Picasa

Yet another one of your plants that I WANT. What's its hardiness range?
It's said to be the hardiest of the hardy cyclamens, down to Z4. It's a little different, in that it's more or less evergreen, it doesn't like to dry out in the summer, and in our winters, if there's not good snow cover, I give it some dry leaves for cover.
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