Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Running On Empty

After 10 days of temperatures in the 90's, and no rain, the garden looks like it's gasping. For the last three days, a line of storms has been pouring buckets of rain down on northern Iowa, while we bake in the heat. The cold front is finally inching our way, but it looks ominously like it may blow through here tonight with a dry wind, and no rain; the weather forecast just changed from an 80% chance of rain tonight, and 60% tomorrow, to a 40% chance tonight and 20% tomorrow. I know what that means... we're not going to get any rain, but they're trying to let us down easy. Nature can be a hard babe sometimes. Posted by Picasa

Man! That's dry. Can't you give that poor plant a little drink? I hope you get rain soon!
I don't normally water (with an acre garden, how could I), but if this keeps up, I'll have to drag out the hose.
Hi Don - I know the feeling. We've had temperatures up to 38°C here in the last month with up to 90% humidity. Everything's wilting - including me.
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