Monday, August 07, 2006

Never Mind

There is and old saying, that those who don't know their history, are forever destined to repeat it... in our garden it seems every year, there are certain things that catch my attention, and either surprise or concern me until I finally remember that it happens that way every year. Currently, Lycoris squamigera, the autumn lilies (which when I was a child, my mother incorrectly called rain lilies, which are a different critter) are starting to bloom. Only a few stalks have pushed up through the dry soil, with their incongruously delicate bluish-pink flowers looking slightly out of place in the hot August sunshine, surrounded as they are by the hot colors of late summer. Each year I think the bulbs must be petering out when only these few stalks start blooming, then a couple more white stalks push up, followed by all the rest. I guess the plant just sends up a couple of scouts each year. Posted by Picasa

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