Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dinner Plate Flowers

What garden plants are there that really live up to their catalogue description as having "flowers as large as a dinner plate"? Well, dahlias maybe... let me rephrase my question: what plants are there with flowers truly as big as a dinner plate, that don't have to be dug up in the fall, don't need to be watered or coddled, and will flower profusely every year without fail in an Iowa garden after it's been over 90 degrees almost every day for two weeks, and the lazy gardener hasn't lifted a finger in the garden during that whole time, preferring to read a detective novel and eat cherry popsicles in his air conditioned house? If you answered hardy hibiscus, you're right! Posted by Picasa

I'm glad I'm not the only one who preferred to read during the heat. My Hibiscus are red, I think I like yours better:)
I moved from Iowa to Maryland four years ago and brought starts of my mother's red, white, pink, and bi-color with me. They are treasures in my new garden. Mary
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