Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summertime In Iowa

Summertime in Iowa: it is long, lazy days and then evenings filled with the sound of cicadas, and the sight of lightning bugs flying up to the sky, like so many green sparks rising in the gathering darkness... it is the sinking sun making towering thunderheads glow majestically against a deep indigo sky. Each day unfolds like a sun-filled chapter in a book without an end; yet there are subtle signs that summer is getting long in the tooth: young birds are everywhere, butterflies in ever-increasing numbers are floating through the heavy air, and the garden blooms are turning from pinks and blues to yellows and oranges. We are in the hottest part of summer right now, but all too soon, we will awaken to a morning where mist is rising off the pond in the cool air, and the sumac begins to don its blood red fall coat. I know I must be outside now as much as I can, and I feel like I want to hold my arms wide, and soak in the warmth, the sounds, and the smells of summer in Iowa. Posted by Picasa

What a beautiful photograph! One thing I love about the Midwest is clouds like that.
Ah, this is what makes a trip to your blog so worthwhile!

It's worth running the risk of getting terrible urges to spend more money on buying your plants...
It's been a lovely summer, really (especially compared to last year's pitiful drought. Hopefully our current hot spell will be broken tomorrow by some nice thunderstorms... it's starting to cloud up as I write, with wispy cirrus clouds out in front of the front.
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