Thursday, July 27, 2006

Roscoea purpurea

When I was in college, a friend once set me up on a date with one of the blonde cheerleaders; a young man's fantasy come true, she was indeed pretty and yet... in person not terribly interesting. The roscoeas are sort of like that for me... members of the tropical ginger family, and native to the Himalayas, with shiny foliage, and delicate flowers that are often described as orchid-like, they should be the centerpiece of our garden when blooming, and yet... usually only one bloom opens up at a time on each plant, and the flowers don't last terribly long here, as they bloom in our hottest part of the summer; the flowers soon crumple into limpness. Pictured is Roscoea purpurea; a lilac cheerleader. Posted by Picasa

Entertaining analogy!
Analogy... the writer's unfailing crutch!
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