Monday, July 24, 2006


This time of year, twilight seems to last for hours, gradually deepening, with the sun creeping down behind the ridge across the pond, wrapping itself in purple and peach clouds. It is then that white flowers begin to glow in the garden, as if lamps have been lit in the shadows, as dusk settles quietly into our little valley. Casa Blanca lilies, with their musky perfume, frame the grave marker for our sweet little cat Snickers; in my humble opinion, the best cat there ever was. Posted by Picasa

I see your Casa Blancas are as tall as I remember. I have one that is 5 foot , but it will be awhile before I catch yours. (If I can only avoid the bunny buffet.)
Wanda... I dunno, I see on Dave's your lilies are closing the gap fast!
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