Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To Name a Daylily

Daylilies are gorgeous creatures; the orchid of midwest gardens. If I had a few acres of sunny yard, as opposed to my shady, wooded garden, I'd grow mostly daylilies. I do have a few spots that are perhaps half sunny, and these spots are chock full of these flowers right now, in a rainbow of colors. The above hem is 'Forever Red', and well-named it is; this picture was taken late in the afternoon, after the flower had been open for 24 hours, and it still was of hard, thick substance, as fresh as when it opened. On the other hand, the daylily below is named 'Wayside Tricolor Jewel'. It's pretty enough, but where are the three colors? I tried enhancing the picture with my computer, and still couldn't come up with three colors... guess I'll never get a job making up flower catalogues.Posted by Picasa

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