Monday, June 19, 2006

This would seem to be the peak of early summer; clear, warm days with a long evening twilight that slowly slides into night as thousands of lightning bugs take to the air and the barred owl clears his throat and prepares to serenade the valley with his shivery call. Yet, it's perhaps the most distinctly flowerless time of the growing season in our garden... a hangover from May's glorious explosion of bloom. The azaleas, peonies, iris, flowering crabs, and rhododenrons are gone, and the roses have mostly shattered, carpeting the ground with their petals, yet the flowers of high summer have not yet opened... there is foliage aplenty, with the hostas at their best, but it is still a floral desert to be crossed. Fortunately the LA lilies, with their sherbet colors are all blooming, and now the trumpet lilies are just starting to spread their sweet perfume through the woods, and the first of hundreds of daylilies are opening. The desert has been crossed. Posted by Picasa

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