Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Babbling Brook

Our garden occupies a rolling piece of woodland, cut by several ravines, and overlooking a four acre pond. The garden pathways wind their way up and down hill, so it makes for an interesting "hidden" garden. At the top of one of these ravines is our goldfish pond, and I've always wanted to have a small artificial stream bubbling down through the bottom of this ravine, pumping water from the four acre pond, about fifteen feet in elevation up to the goldfish pond, then letting it run back downhill. So far, the stream itself basically only burbles in my mind, for I just never seem to get started on it. The lower, shady part of the ravine is however, slowly getting filled in with lots of plants like the yellow ladyslippers and showy orchis seen above by the steps which go down one side of the ravine to a wooden bridge that spans ten feet across to the other side. I think this could be the year that I finally start construction on at least the top part of the long-discussed babbling brook. Or not. Posted by Picasa

your garden sounds so dreamy. like right out of a garden picture book. What a treasure to have the yellow lady slippers.
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