Monday, April 24, 2006

You Can't Have Too Many Daffodils...

You can't have too many daffodils... or can you? I suppose there are ten thousand daffodils in our garden. Now mind you, I didn't set out to have that many, but daffodils are the rabbits of the bulb world; after a few years, you've got them coming out of your ears. That in itself isn't a problem... I never met a daffodil I didn't like. The problem is that I've been living on borrowed time with my daffodils; you plant one bulb, and soon you've got nice clumps everywhere, with flowers uphill and down, their bright little faces shining in the spring sunshine. Eventually though, those clumps become crowded masses of bulbs, and the blooming rapidly goes downhill. I've done some minor redigging the last few years, but other important jobs, like keeping an eye on the local birdlife, and zipping out on the lake in our boat, always seem to come along just when I should be digging daffodil bulbs. This year, though, I've got to bite the bullet, and probably dig up, and split up perhaps two or three thousand bulbs. This is the dirty side of gardening that they never tell you about. Posted by Picasa

Ah, the beauty.
You keep me digging and hoping!
It's funny what a few years do; nothing seems to happen for a while, and then there are flowers everywhere! Ah, but wait until NEXT year!
You can send me a box of the ones you can't be bothered replanting
It's funny how many gardening buddies you have when your splitting up bulbs... where were you all when I was cleaning the muck out of the bottom of the goldfish pond???
Kathy and others and I were all watching you, quietly filled with admiration. Add me to the list to ship about 1,000 to.
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