Sunday, April 30, 2006

Easy Stars Of The Garden

Many of the shooting stars are alpines, and most are not fond of our hot summers here. Three easy ones, though are Dodecatheon meadia, our native prairie shooting star, which blooms a little later, and the two currently blooming that are pictured here. Above is Dodecatheon pulchellum, the dark throated shooting star, found mainly in the western U.S. (so, often called western shooting star), but it is found in scattered fashion to the eastern U.S. Posted by Picasa

We have the more common " Dodecatheon meadia" growing in the same spot for three years now. I love this Spring ephemeral plant. I'm surprised yours is already blooming as we have warmer winters here in central NJ. We lived in Iowa City for several years and the winters were brutal.
The two shooting stars pictured, being alpines, basically, bloom earlier than meadia (which is now also blooming here now.
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