Saturday, March 18, 2006

Urban Jungle

We like to think we're in sort of a wilderness retreat here; we have three acres of woods, backed up by a four acre pond, and when the leaves are on the trees, we can't see any of our neighbors (I'm sure they can hear us more than they'd like, but they're sweet about it, and most of them like fireworks anyway). Actually, though we're seemingly in our own little world, we're just outside of town. Nevertheless, one must use one's keen woodsman's skills around here sometimes... take for example the above spot in a muddy trail. There are actually three different sets of animal tracks present, and I feel no less the naturalist for saying that the small set on the left are from P.J. the kitten, and the set on the right are from Sadie the cat. Right in the middle is a deer hoof-print. Next week: urban scat!

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