Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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Take heart! This past weekend brought sun and warmth to my garden. I spent the time cleaning old growth, uncovering iris and covering too-early daylilies.

My daughter has a young friend trying to earn extra money to take her to the Prom. He's strong and a willing worker. The poor young man dug 2 entrenched Forsythia bushes out of my yard. One had the teremity to block air and sun to a lovely rugosa shrub rose. The other one was located for 14 years in a corner that needs a shady arbor. We dug side by side for 2 hours in the soft earth. It was quite a fight, but we won!

The rose shrub corner now has 2 new lily clumps and room for another Siberian (wine this time?) and spider daylily or two. The young man turns out to be a budding gardener. He doesn't know that he is entering a lifelong communication with the earth.

I also buried 15 other lillium that have arrived here in the past week. I am particularly intrigued by L. nepalese from the Himalayas.
We'll see if it can survive the extreme temps of Iowa. I think it would be far happier in your garden than mine.
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