Sunday, February 26, 2006


I climbed to the top of the red cedar tree,
really not sure just what I wanted to see.
A bright azure sky filled the valley with light,
while a stiffening wind sent the clouds in flight.
The pond below was clear, and quite deep,
for it's here the fresh springs bubble and seep,
melting the ice where these warm waters run,
so the pond sparkles, in the wind and the sun.
Then just when I thought I'd seen what I could,
a red-shouldered hawk flew out of the far wood.
I leaned out to see him, as he glided slowly by,
and then picking up speed, he gave a shrill cry.
The wildness of his call would make rabbits shiver,
but the hawk flew on, and down towards the river.
Sticky with sap, I climbed back to the ground,
and admired the acorn, our young cat had found.
The cat and I, both like to explore and to roam,
but now we just headed back towards our home.

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