Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ah, Spring!

Well, today it is to be a warm hazy 65 degrees here, but a huge, powerful high pressure area of intense cold is drifting south over Montana, which will create gusty southern winds over the lower midwest, and result later in the week in a temperature difference of 100 (yes, 100) degrees between the upper and lower midwest. The southern wind is going to hit a band of easterly wind over us, lift the moisture, clash it with the frigid arctic air coming south, and probably bury us in snow. Our temperature here will drop from 65 above to 1 below in about 60 hours; a drop of 66 degrees! Ah, spring in Iowa!

Freaky weather but better than being hit by a huricane like some of our coastal states have been.
Yah, at least our house is still here!

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