Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Brown Creeper

The brown creeper climbed up the tree,
Paying not a whit of attention to me.
He circled higher, round and round,
While I stood lumpish on the ground.
Out in the garden today, to my surprise, I saw a bird that I've not spotted for so long, I'd almost forgotten about it: the brown creeper, a tiny bird with a hooked beak, that bustles up tree trunks, prying at cracks and crevices as it circles upward. I've been maintaining they are rare anymore, but I started wondering if I just don't see them as well as I did when I was a boy. I don't exactly need a seeing eye dog to get across the street, but everybody's acuity fades with time... or is it that I see without SEEING now? I must pay more attention.

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