Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blast From The Past: A Return To Cold Weather Predicted

So, December was a month of record cold, January has been very warm, and now apparently we are poised to have monumentally cold weather in early February. As mentioned in a recent post, Tom Skilling of WGN weather in Chicago, predicts that the NAO that I've talked about (a persistent but migratory bubble of warm air that sits over the North Atlantic), will move westward over Greenland, blocking the jet stream over the U.S., which will buckle southward, causing polar air that has been trapped over Alaska, to pour southwards, hitting mainly the eastern U.S., but Iowa will be also under this river of cold... the temperature at Fairbanks has recently been 50 below zero, so this could be shockingly cold, especially with the lack of snow cover.

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