Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bad Blog... BAD!

If you've recently posted a comment here, and it either didn't appear until now, or disappeared into cyberspace, it's because my blog turned on blog moderator without my permission or knowledge, while I was away. I rather wondered why nobody had posted a comment since I returned, but it wasn't until Jenn e-mailed me, that I realized what had happened. It would seem like a good thing to activate when you're away from the blog for a long time, so you don't come home and find your blog full of porn links, but in this case I didn't do it... does blogger automatically activate it after a period of inactivity, to protect unattended blogs... I don't know. So, there are two questions here: who turned on the moderator, and just how long would I have gone commentless before I figured out something was wrong?

I am new to your blog, love your pictures, am a neighbor here in Missouri and am looking forward to spring when "we' can start gardening in earnest......appreciate you gardeners who blog in the winter and give us something to do!
Thanks, Nancy...
We need to make a spring run to your state for fireworks for next summer.
Hey. I suspected you were unaware of the change.

Maybe Blogger made a universal change to make moderation the default?

I currently don't use my blogger account for anything but these handshakes for comments, so I am not up on what they have been doing lately.
Blogger is always FIDDLING with things, and it seldom is an improvement. I wish now that I had gone with a fee for service site, but it's a little late now... I've got too much stuff here.
I am glad Jenn said something. Anyone who posted a comment got a message saying that comments were being moderated, so we all knew. I thought, "Surely Blogger must give him a message about comments waiting to be moderated . . . should I point out the obvious?" Obviously it was necessary. Thanks, Jenn
Oh sure... must I be the last one to know EVERYTHING?
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