Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (or is it Happy Holidays) to everyone. My 96 year old aunt is absolutely sharp as a tack, but I've decided her eyesight may be failing a bit; she wrote back to us that she really enjoyed our Christmas card this year, but couldn't figure out HOW we got the kittens to hold still, with those little Santa hats on, and she showed it to three other people in her nursing home, and they couldn't figure it out either! Posted by Picasa

Tell her you have well trained kitties!

All the Blessings of the Holiday to You, and Yours.

Merry Christmas!

(Do you have snow yet? Ours is busy melting as I write. A month of snow and then a grey Christmas, ah Michigan, you fickle penninsula...)
We still have at least a foot of VERY heavy, wet snow. Atleast, for now, we're out of the deep freeze, with temps above freezing every day, so hopefully we'll get some more melting.
Why do you want it to melt? Isn't it better for the plants to have snow cover? Or do you still have snow covered roads and driveways?
The 18" of snow we had has melted down to 6-8" of very heavy slush and ice; you can't walk on it, and while nice, fluffy snow is protective, I've found when it turns into a thick layer of ice, I get a lot of plant loss... the last winter we had this happen, the ice stayed all winer, and I lost every dianthus in the garden, as well as tons of other stuff. I'd rather have this snow-ice melt, and start over with some nice, fluffy stuff.
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