Monday, October 17, 2005

Rocks In Head = Rocks In Garden

Posted by Picasa There comes a day in every gardener's life, where he or she is wandering about the garden, gazing at nothing in particular, and suddenly thinks, "Boy, what this garden needs is some nice, big rocks!" My advice is, that when this happens, go in the house, get out the bottle of tequila, pull down all the blinds, and start pouring. If you're lucky, when you wake up the next morning, your headache won't last more than two days, and you'll have forgotten about the rocks. Unfortunately, nobody wiser was about when this thought hit me, and the next morning, a large truck deposited two groaning pallets of rocks (or should I say boulders) on our front lawn. The smaller rocks, weighing perhaps a hundred pounds, were no problem for me and my dolly, but when I tried moving some of the bigger rocks, the dolly just bent, and I knew I was in trouble. Liz went to the rental place, and came home with a really big dolly, which enabled me to get the two hundred pounders into the garden, but with the biggest boulders, since I only weigh 150 pounds, I couldn't get enough leverage to get them off the ground. With Liz helping, we were able to get them going, but she didn't talk much to me for about two days afterward, and I can guarantee you the rocks are staying where they're at!

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