Sunday, October 23, 2005


If I could convince reader's of this blog, at least those who live in the northern part of the country, of one thing, it would be to plant some monkshoods (actually what I would really like is to convince them to stop over and do some weeding in the garden, but that's probably a lost cause). In our late fall garden, the monkshoods are true aristocrats; tall, of rich blue color, and interesting in their individual flowers. If your garden is a bit shady, it's worth seeking out shorter, less floppy forms, with stouter stems. Posted by Picasa

I've a monkshood. I put it behind the delphs, as the first year I had it, it bloomed when they were resting. This year it was miserable.

Stupid drought.

I look forward to it doing much better next year.
Yah, mine weren't hopping with joy over the heat and drought this year, either.
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