Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hazards of Birdwatching

One would think birdwatching must be one of the safest of hobbies, but this afternoon I was standing underneath a tree, a red bellied woodpecker started beating on the trunk right above me, and I tipped my head back to look up just in time to catch a piece of bark in my eye. What are the odds on that?

hurry up and go play the lotto
seems like you are having one of those lucky streaks--not only did you see the bird up close you were hit in the eye, not the nose or forehead which take up more space on the face than the eye. hmmm....better yet why not go all out and just go to vegas.
I played the 300 million powerball, and on five tickets, I got one number right... gambling will never be my road to riches.
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