Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Wee Garden

There are those who probably describe me as being short; I prefer to think of myself as being powerfully compact... we have season tickets to the Iowa Hawkeye football games, and I can tell you that, while tailgating, more than once a young chickie has come up to me and asked me to open up her twist off top beer bottle, and if I'm able to get it open, they make quite a fuss over me! Still, being my height does make for some hazards in our garden, because I constantly have to trim shrubs and trees back from the meandering woodland pathways, and while I try to trim up as high as I can, there are limits to my reach. I always say that touring our garden is probably like walking through a house built for dwarves. It's not unheard of therefore, for one of our lankier guests to get interested in looking down at some little plant blooming, and to get dusted off by a low-hanging limb. I guess that's just one of the hazards of being real tall. Heh heh!

I'm 5' 7" tall but not powerful so you have an advantage there.

Your reference to a house built for dwarves reminded me of a house in Victoria, BC (Canada) that we once toured that actually was custom built by a man for his very short wife. Everything was so perfect and totally adorable.
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