Monday, August 22, 2005

Sugar Buzz

More about yellowjackets: I don't have to dig up their nests to get whacked. This time of year, the black cherries and mulberries are dropping to the ground in droves, and the yellow jackets are feeding on the ground, and get really buzzed up on all this sugar... step close to one and you may get zapped!

Hi, Don. I just discovered you and really enjoyed perusing your postings. My grandmother was an avid gardener in the Des Moines area --I grew up in the East - and you brought back lots of nice memories for me.
I especially enjoyed the tour. I've posted lots of shots on Flikr but want to do something more aesthetic, like you've done, with my garden photos. Maybe I'll work on it this winter.
Oh, and how many acres do you have? Susan
We've got a bit over three acres of woods, backed up by a 4 acre pond.
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