Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Nature's Bounty

The trees and bushes in the woods are laden with fruit and berries, branches groaning halfway to the ground with an ocean of wildlife delights. As a result, the garden is just alive, with hundreds and hundreds of birds of all sorts, drawn here from all over, to gorge on this feast. I've told recently, how, with our ongoing drought, that when I go out to water with the hose, that birds start flying down for a shower... it's kind of like Hitchcock's "The Birds"; first one bird shows up, then another, and the next thing you know, there are birds everywhere. Today a whole flock of young red-eyed vireos flew down, and just bathed and fluttered to their heart's content in the cool spray. This got me to thinking about setting up a source of running water for the birds. We have cats, though, so it can't be on the ground, but I started thinking about setting up a tall, upright pipe, with running water at the top. I could run it out of the goldfish pond. Of course, I'd need a pretty good pump, and a filter... Ah, another addition to my imaginary garden.

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