Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Garden of the mind

As the years have gone by, our garden has gone from a few patches of flowers to a fairly cohesive garden, but still there is both this real garden, and a second, ghostly garden of the imagination... a garden of dreams and schemes, of future plans, and half-baked ideas that never come to fruition. The picture above is exhibit A for this second garden, for this is my woodland brook, or would be if I'd ever actually started it. As it is, it is a ravine clogged with brush. It was to be the centerpiece of the garden; the ravine goes downhill to the four acre pond at the bottom of the hill, and I planned to pump water uphill, and let it cascade back down to the pond, passing under the two bridges that cross the ravine. Whenever we'd take people on a garden tour, I'd always pause dramatically, and describe in loving detail, this stream of the future, alluding to the lovely splashing that would echo through the shady glen. Unfortunately, as years went by, with no sign of water, some of our friends started getting a little pithy about my stream. Our friend Hampy, always inquires in a loud voice where the babbling brook is. From now on, I'll keep my garden plans to myself. Posted by Picasa

Oh - I could TELL you about the grand plans I had for our piece of land right after we bought it. I had this huge concept garden in mind. RIIIGHT. Now, more realistically, we just build on our garden a little by a little. In the ensuing years, it'll take form - in its own way, naturally, and probably better than my plans would have allowed.

We DO want a water feature, though. It's part of providing habitat. I imagine you already have at least one water feature already, Don. I think I remember reading about one somehwere in here...
A gardener's work is never done, is it? And that's just what enthralls me about it (except I really want it to be done NOW!).

Every winter we do the hard sweaty work to expand into and then in the spring and fall plant into that. We have our "projects" that little by little begins to achieve what we envision. But every little achievement suggests another one.

I really want to set up a solar powered pump to accomplish some of the things you're talking about!
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