Saturday, July 30, 2005

Field Trip

My garden madness may be partly hereditary; I went to visit my sister, Dorothy, who lives about 80 miles north of us; this shows the front of her house. She has built a house on our old family homestead of 5 acres of wooded land, with a small creek running through it. The property is now smack dab in the middle of town, so is quite the oasis, and she has filled her yard with flowers, ablaze with color even in late summer; some more pictures of her garden follow. Posted by Picasa

It sounds (and looks) beautiful.
I wish I had a kindred soul in my family! Good for you! My Brothers & Sisters just look at my lawn and me as if I'm half mad and they always knew I would turn out this way.

I DO have a Sis in law who loves my Iris and one who covets my daylilies. And several gardening friends who are happy to trade with me.

Your Sister's garden has a peace and beauty of it's own. Love the copper tubing artwork....
Love it! Looks kind of like my jungle LOL somday it will be more organized...
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