Monday, June 06, 2005

A Visit to Shaw Gardens

We were on a 'Bright Family Tour' to St. Louis for a nephew's graduation. Being away from my garden doesn't mean though, that I can't see someone else's garden: in this case, while the womenfolk were decorating for the party, I drove to Tower Park, nice and early, for a tour of Shaw Botanical Gardens, especially enjoying the woodland garden (it was a hot day), and the Japanese garden. The latter was a sobering experience, seeing how the cute little Japanese maples I've been buying in one gallon pots are someday going to be the size of a two car garage. Gulp! Someday I'm going to have an arboretum, not a shady flower garden. It was also amazing seeing all the relatively tender plants they can grow, that I can only dream about. People did look at me a little strange when every ten feet down the path I went, "Oh jeez, they've got one of those, too!" However, I've thought from time to time about taking a crack at growing a sacred lily (Rhodea) in my garden, but after seeing how ratty the foliage looked even in St. Louis, I know they aren't worth growing in Iowa. Two additional observations from touring the garden: the founder, Henry Shaw is buried in a mausoleum in a little grove of trees, and I'll bet it's a spooky spot at night, and secondly, seeing a botanical garden from a motorized "train", as many of the visitors did, looks really dumb. Anyway, after a four hour walk under the hot sun, I was ready to sample some cold beer and a brat on the riverfront and puzzle over how I'm going to fit anything else in my garden. Posted by Hello

Hey, we have those same little angels three of them in just those positions, along the Kelly Drive in Philadelphia ( I still can't spell Schuykill River) They have charmed me my whole life.

Did the scupltor cast more than one set?
I dunno, Speechless... I didn't see any plaque giving info on them, but I did notice another statue of a heron that I know is a copy, so I guess they bought their statuary at Lowes or something.
Well sometimes there are studies, and then the real thing. Or multiple castings. I didn't know Lowes had such nice pieces available.

Must be better in Iowa
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