Friday, June 17, 2005

The Sweetness of Summer.

One of the things I've worked towards here in the garden, is to always have something deliciously fragrant in bloom, and ideally to have a whole section of the garden perfumed. Since we have about half a mile of interconnected trails, that wind up hill and down, many of which are hidden from view, it is especially delightful to catch whiffs of perfume as you walk along the trails, trying to track down its source. Right now we're enjoying the later old-fashioned roses (Charles de Mills, is above), mock oranges, Hall's honeysuckle, and especially June flowering azaleas; the azaleas include Lollipop and Popsicle, that were recently shown. The summer -flowering azaleas are small yet; they are planted on the edge of a ravine, but already, as you come down the steps into this cool, shady spot, and cross the bridge over the ravine, you're delighted with their sweet aroma... I can well imagine what it will be like when the six different summer-blooming azaleas that I planted, each reach five to seven feet tall. Now the next wave of perfume to fill the garden will come from the trumpet lilies, which are almost over the top on a still, warm night. I had planned this year to keep a "perfume diary", to try and fill in any gaps, but it will have to wait until next year.Posted by Hello

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