Thursday, June 09, 2005

Saving Postage

I think I just unintentionally pared my Christmas card list. I related here, about my side trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden last week. It was a VERY hot day, and as I walked all the way around the large Japanese garden, it progressively struck me, that I wasn't all that thrilled with it: it just seemed so static, and frankly uninteresting; I just really couldn't relate to many of the set pieces. The trees, tending to be smaller Japanese maples, offered little shade, and white gravel on a blistering hot midwest summer day, just made me think of a gravel driveway. I think part of the trouble was, that being a public park, the open spaces were large, which removed all the intimacy from the garden. I post occasionally on a well known garden message board, and rashly decided to share my thoughts on Japanese gardens in the midwest on the Japanese garden message board. Well, THAT certainly dropped the temperature in a hurry. Woof... Japanese garden fans are a mite touchy. The picture above shows, to me, what I'm talking about: this is one of those gravel thingys that's supposed to be the ocean surrounding an island. ZZZZZ. Posted by Hello

No, I'm not sure that I like the idea of any part of a garden supposed to being more than it simply is...but mine is a very unrefined mind.

We have an arboretum nearby with a few Japanese garden areas. One is a delightful intimate nook with Low cedar trees and some rocks. You do feel like you're in a different space, but no particular "supposed to be" as far as I know.

Cool, shady respite from the heat of the sun, the rush of the crowds...that's what I like from a formal garden Japanese or otherwise.
Well, intimate was not a word that crossed my mind in this Japanese garden: the motorized trains trundling tourists along the walkways saw to that.
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