Sunday, June 12, 2005

Idiosyncracy in the Garden

We're always up for a party, and what could be better than a party with a garden tour? Last night we were off to Dennis and Jane's house; Larry and his Aussie wife, Jeanette were there too, and their back yard is so stuffed full of hostas, it squeaks, so I must trundle my camera over there, too for a future pictorial. Now, I've previously shown the front gates to our garden, showing a smiling sun; the gates were a gift from Dennis, who started making original garden art on a whim. Dennis and his wife Jane have three acres of wooded property, with a good sized frog pond at the bottom of their ravine, right in the middle of town, and it has gradually become populated with a charming collection of his garden art, ( with a few commmercial items like the frog globe holder above). Their dog, Riley, is a jolly dweller in the garden, too. I have always loved gardens that were created out of the unique, and personal vision of one person... anybody can buy a lot of expensive plants, or plant a few dozen geraniums, but only a precious few people like Dennis suddenly wake up one day with a spontaneous urge to create something that is singularly an expression of their view of gardening and art. Denny's garden is idiosyncratic; my highest compliment! Posted by Hello

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